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Key Vault and Disk Encryption

I have some follow-ups to my previous post on disk encryption in Azure, after I attended BRK3277 – Protect your data using Azure’s encryption capabilities and key management. I learned some interesting tidbits about how this works – the presenter is the owner of the functionality within Microsoft, so I’d consider his information to be authoritative. There’s […]

General Information Security

“Defending the New Perimeter” – eBook Review

I was privileged to be asked to review an advance copy of the eBook recently released by Pete Zerger and Wes Kroesbergen on the subject of Information Security. Targeted at an executive audience, the eBook discusses the current state of information security and the challenges that face the security officer in the current environment. It […]

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Encrypting a Virtual Machine in Azure

Note – Update 2018-11-13: The Azure team has released a new disk encryption method that is much less complex! You can read more about it here: This post will walk you through the configuration necessary to encrypt a virtual machine’s hard drives in Azure. This post applies only to Windows VMs running in Microsoft Azure; […]

Conference Update

Ignite 2016 Post-Conference Summary

Last week, I was in Atlanta for the Microsoft Ignite conference! I had wonderful plans for making a few blog posts during the conference, but that didn’t happen. I’m in awe of those who were able to post great blog posts while participating in the conference, but between information overload, the wonderful fitness regimen that the […]


Meet me in Atlanta – Ignite 2016

I’m going to be attending Microsoft Ignite next week! I’m looking forward to meeting new people and learning from the sessions. I’m interested to hear if there’s a session I should make space for, or if you’d like to meet up! I’m @nickromyn on Twitter or you can leave a comment here.

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Setting up your first Azure Website – WordPress

As I mentioned in my first blog post, this website is hosted entirely natively in Microsoft Azure.  I’m using Project Nami, which is a fork of WordPress with a a single initial goal — to teach WordPress to natively speak T-SQL while maintaining full compatibility with properly written plugins and themes.  This is an important […]

Cloud Computing

Learning Azure – where to get started?

I spend a lot of my time at work introducing clients to Azure. There’s a lot to learn and understand about Azure – and the cloud computing paradigm in general. I’m often asked questions like: “Where do you learn about Azure?” “Where did you get started with Azure?” “How can I learn about Azure?” “What […]

Azure Updates

Some portal updates

In the last couple weeks, some very welcome updates came to the Azure portal. There’s lots of little changes to the verbiage throughout, such as updating the “Browse” button to “More Services” – I bet the documentation team is going to be updating that for quite some time now. Two of the changes have really […]


Upgrading Project Nami

It’s been far too long since I’ve posted. I have about 10 posts in draft format, but there’s just too little time to work on them when the weather is beautiful. Summer is too short in Ontario… This is just a quick guide for upgrading WordPress on Project Nami. As I wrote in my first […]

Disaster Recovery

Azure Backup

Continuing my previous post about leveraging the public cloud for business continuity and disaster recovery scenarios, I’m going to expand on the capabilities of Azure Backup briefly. If you’re interested in this subject, the best place to start is with the Azure documentation on the subject, found here: There’s three primary scenarios where you […]