Shaving the yak – or blogging?

So here’s the thing about blogging…

As a technical guy, I tend to spend most of my time setting up (virtual) hardware and software. As a consultant, I spend my time setting it up, then I document and get out. Factor in ADD and a Twitter addiction, and I end up forming my thoughts into 140 characters or less, rather a lot like an image that’s been going around on Twitter recently:

On top, a before image. On bottom, an after image. Before contains redline and markup indicating superfluous detail and unnecessary content on a letter that reads: Dear Aunt Bee, I wanted to thank you so much for the beautiful new angora sweater you sent me for my birthday! I can't believe you remembered that blue is my absolute favourite color (especially that gorgeous shade of robin's egg blue, which reminds me of the summers I spent with you in the country, all those years ago)! I'll think of you whenever I wear it. I really appreciate the time and effort you took to pick this out, wrap it so nicely, and send it to me. With lots of love, your niece, Suzanne. The after image reads: Dear Aunt Bee, Thank you for the sweater. It is - Warm - Soft - Blue. I think of you when I wear the sweater. I appreciate your kindness, Sincerely, Suzanne.
How a career in technical communication ruined me as a letter writer

Professionally, my documents need to be clear, concise, and easy to follow. They’re also pretty dry, which makes for building writing habits that translate poorly to blogging.
So I get caught up in pushing all the shiny buttons, trying out features, and working on getting things running ‘just-so’. I’ve explored SEO, I’m meaning to look into CDN (like I need it), and I’m working on getting SSL set up as well as a custom domain, using EasyDNS, the Let’s Encrypt Azure Site Extension, and enforcing HTTPS with the HTTP to HTTPS Redirector extension – with the intention of blogging the process later. However, that never seems to happen…

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