1. […] Now as I mentioned, these models have been active for quite some time. To make matters a bit more complex, know that “AAD Pass-Through Authentication” is currently in preview… Again, summarizing things a bit unrespectfully, this is a solution that will reside somewhere between Synced & Federated Identity. Look at it like a (lightweight) managed ADFS in the cloud. More info on that, check Nicholas Romyn’s blog on it! […]

  2. James

    Would this respect the source DC’s password lockout policy. For example if you had 3 bad attempts and your lockout policy was 3 would it lock the account at the DC? I know it respects if the account is locked they showed that on the Ignite video.

    • This is a good question – because the authentication request is being passed through directly to the domain controller, it should increment the bad attempt counter, and block the user.

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