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One of the difficult parts of working with Azure is simply getting started with a totally new way of managing your IT assets – software, hardware – it’s all different. Last year, I was privileged to work with Softchoice and Microsoft and present a number of Azure Bootcamps – day-long events in which we covered the basics of Azure.

A classroom-style room full of men working on laptops

The great group in Dallas, hard at work on their labs.

We’re repeating these this year, with all-new content and layout. We’re introducing three modules, focussing on Infrastructure Modernization, Infrastructure Management, and Data Platform.

The first module, infrastructure modernization, will focus on basic Azure skills – understanding and creating networks, storage, and VMs – that the potential Azure administrator will need to know to start working. We also will discuss ways of managing your infrastructure that are totally new, such as Azure Resource Manager templates and Azure Automation. The second module will focus more on Operations Management Suite, enabling administrators to manage their on-premises and Azure infrastructure in an ongoing fashion using the tools that OMS provides. Azure Automation, Site Recovery, and Backup feature prominently, and we’ll also touch on Log Analytics and how it can work with your data. The third module is not one that I’m especially familiar with yet – my colleague, Steve Thompson is working on it right now. The focus will be on Azure SQL DB and how to migrate your applications from SQL Server to the database-as-a-service offering, saving money and time, and enabling some interesting scenarios which will be discussed in the Bootcamp.

If you’re in the GTA or Waterloo, register today! If you’re not, we have other speakers covering a number of locations around North America – keep an eye on for more information.

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