Azure Managed Disks 2 – Conversion

In my last post, I discussed the advantages of Azure Managed Disks and briefly mentioned that it is possible to convert from Storage Account to Managed Disks, but made no reference as to how this was achieved. Advantages to converting to Managed Disks include: Improved Availability Improved Management Ability to switch from Premium to Standard, … [Read more…]

Azure Bootcamps

Hi! One of the difficult parts of working with Azure is simply getting started with a totally new way of managing your IT assets – software, hardware – it’s all different. Last year, I was privileged to work with Softchoice and Microsoft and present a number of Azure Bootcamps – day-long events in which we covered the basics of Azure. We’re repeating these … [Read more…]

Developing Solutions In the Cloud

One of the hottest topic in the IT industry for several years now has been cloud computing, for some very good reasons – reducing capital and operational expenditure, offloading management of routine tasks to highly automated systems, and  are some of the top reasons among many. As a direct result, there’s a lot of companies … [Read more…]